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End of Term 5 – May 2016

Dear Parents/ Carers

As we near the end of the first summer term, it is a good opportunity to reflect on many of the positive experiences that we have shared.

This term we have had the opportunity to take a group of Key Stage 4 pupils on a Gliding activity, and I was encouraged to see so many of our children have the confidence to take part in such a thrilling experience! Our KS2 and KS3 pupils took their Bikeability course at the school and many of them achieved a Level 2! Functional Skills examinations have started this week for many of our pupils, and Key Stage 2 SATS tests will commence next week, so a very important time for all of us!

We are holding our Lead Pupil nominations this week and I am pleased to report that 9 of our pupils have put themselves forward for the role. A local MP, Mr Julian Brazier, also kindly came along to our Friday assembly to speak to the pupils about voting and the social responsibility of voting within a democracy.

We are seeking a Parent Governor to join our Governing Body team, and I would be grateful if you could read the letter enclosed if you are interested in applying. The nomination form is also attached that will need completing by 23rd May if you wish to put yourself forward.

We are also happy to enclose the latest Pupil Report for your child with accompanying behaviour chart for Terms 3 and 4. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this at greater length. We will of course, be providing a more detailed report at the end of the academic year.

To remind you, this term will end on Friday 27th May, and pupils will start back on Monday 6th June at the normal time. Could I also please remind you to support us in enforcing correct school uniform; remind the children that hoodies are not permitted and trainers should be plain black. Phones, mobile devices and chewing gum are also not permitted and we would ask that you encourage your child to leave phones at home or hand them into staff at school.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Lilley 


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