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Our Values

Our Aims

  • Enable our pupils to cope more adequately with the requirements and expectations within a variety of settings and situations and within the wider community.
  • Improve our pupil’s ability to interact successfully with others and be aware of social cues.
  • Teach our pupils coping strategies for various difficult situations, assisting them to develop alternatives to unacceptable behaviour.
  • Teach our pupils to identify, tackle and solve problems rather than to avoid them.
  • Improve our pupil’s capacity to accept criticism and to give it constructively.
  • Assist our pupils to make honest, perceptive and sensitive judgments about the actions and reactions of themselves and others.
  • Develop our pupil’s ability to take responsibility for their behaviour and actions and increase their self control.
  • Improve our pupil’s self image and confidence.
  • Develop out pupil’s key learning skills and experiences.
  • Assist our pupils to develop the vocabulary to express themselves confidently in various situations and seek help when appropriate.
  • Give our pupils an opportunity to take pride in themselves and their work by demanding high standards.
  • Develop interest in life, learning and leisure pursuits.
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